Published On: Sun, Jan 20th, 2013

Royal Enfield

Do you listen to covers of popular songs by a YouTube band that goes by the name “Boyce Avenue”? I can bet any amount of money that at least some of the songs that they cover actually come out a lot better than the originals. As absurd as it may seem, there really does exists artists out there who base their work on others’ legendary work and bring out something truly extraordinary. How do people take something that is already perfect and make them “perfecter”? What drives these people to think out of the box and go absolutely insane with concepts? While this article will most certainly not delve you into the psyche of extraordinary artists, it will in fact introduce to a legendary figure who goes by the name Javeen Mathew. So what makes Javeen so special apart from the fact that he owns the Royal Enfield dealership at Kottayam? We’ll tell you. Javeen works his magic on none other than Royal Enfield Bullets. Now one might wonder how that is a big deal- given the overwhelming number of Bullet- customizers we have around us today. Yes, it is no secret that Bullets have been enjoying an ever-growing fan base ever since way back in 1890.

No other Indian two-wheeler manufacturer enjoys such a feather to its hat. It is also a known fact that Bullet fan-boys go out of their way to make it look chopper-ish. And once they fit a balloon tyre to the rear and paint a couple of stripes on the tank, they call it customized. Javeen would easily find such sentiments close to blasphemous.

Javeen’s designs are totally out of the box to say the least. In 2010, Javeen’s creation, the “3C” received “Most Popular Custom Bike Award” at the Rider Mania event held at Goa. 3C stands for Custom, Classic, Concept; according to its creator. The whole idea was to fuse these three elements into one Royal Enfield. This bike is all about the chassis. Since there was a big question mark in Javeen’s head as to how he’d achieve this, he shaped the chassis in the form of a question mark! It’s made out of four-inch galvanized iron pipe, mated to the bottom portion of the stock chassis. It doubles up as the fuel tank, holding 8 liters. You would be hard pressed to figure out the “genre” of this bike.

2011- Black Widow Pumped up and motivated by his victory in 2010, Javeen gave his best shot in the next year at Rider Mania. This time, he was better prepared with a creation, which is best described as “highly venomous”. Obviously, he didn’t go home empty handed. His creation that came out of an Enfield Bullet, dubbed “Black Widow” won the “Most popular bike” and “Best customized bike” awards in 2011. Javeen has a lot to say about the Black Widow- “After having struck by the Rider Mania craze, I was looking for inspiration one after the other. In the process of making the Black Widow, I tried all sorts of chassis designs. I scrapped one design after the other, trying them on. When I finally came up with one that I was satisfied with, many a chassis were scrapped in the process. You see, “Black Widow” is a spider that after giving birth to her offspring, it eats her mate- an act of cannibalism. Since all the chassis were destroyed to create this bike, I thought the name- “Black Widow” fit the best in context.”

Black Widow is no everyday sight. If you were to have been placed straight on its seat, the first thing you’d search for is its handlebars. The bike looks like an insect with its head chopped off, for the headlamp has been molded into the fuel tank section and the handlebars have been lowered down to some place near the suspension forks. One would have to properly lie down on his stomach to ride this one in a straight line. However, it is hard to imagine how this bike can ever be parked or guided anywhere with its engine on off or idle. But who cares about such pointless practicality here? Isn’t it all about the fun and insanity? Did anyone care about the impracticality of a Lamborghini Diablo taking a reverse? I didn’t!

The “spidery” theme is excellently webbed all over this bike. The red and black color combo plus the webby design on the fuel tank that resembles the spiderman costume is worth a spectacle.

To elucidate the insanity a little more, let me try to tell you what has gone into the making of the Black Widow. Both front and rear suspensions are based on a mono shock model. The hand made hand finished frames are made from the skeletal remains of some four Bullets. While the front uses a 15-inch tyre, the rear makes use of a 120/80-17 configuration. Park light from a Toyota has been used for headlamps. To commit such insane modifications, Javeen had to go the extra mile, getting sanctions and permissions from the RTO.

2012- Bullet Egg

The concept behind the 2012 “Egg Shell” idea on a Bullet has many parts to the story. The inception of anything should start from an Egg, so the Bullet was thrown into the past, way back into the days of scooters. The idea was to bring out a scooter with the engine of a bullet attached. Or you may even look at it as a bullet with the shell of a scooter attached. However, legend has it that once the work was complete, the creation itself looked round as an egg. The chassis was thus painted white to make it look like an Egg Shell and the seat was painted yellow to make it look like a yolk. Thus, the Bullet Egg was born. In my opinion, it looks like a better version of one of those Italian high-powered scooters with mega size wind visors.

The Bullet Egg spent some one year in the making and it shows. The chassis has been elongated quite a bit to accommodate the whole enchilada. It has been fitted with 15-inch tyres both in the front and rear. The pilot lights from Bullet have been borrowed to signify its lineage. Quite obviously, Javeen is much more than a businessman. His designs and persistence to bring out creativity at best for his vehicles signify his passion for vehicles. He happens to be an active member and organizer of many a rallies that go around in the country. Being an excellent rider that he is, he has won quite a few of them too. He once used his own Bullet to go around the country starting from Kanyakumari. Apart from sales and service of Enfield Bullets, Javeen’s Bullet Dealership takes care of many modification/ customization works as well.


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