Published On: Sat, Mar 30th, 2013

Mahindra Pantero

Mahindra Two Wheelers has come with their next entrant after two long years. Their first entry into the commuter bike segment, Stallio, proved to be a huge disappointment. The bike failed to meet the high expectations it had set before the launch (especially with Aamir Khan as its endorser). As a result, it met an early demise. It was in the market only for eight months before it was completely withdrawn. To keep up their hard earned reputation, Mahindra & Mahindra’s two wheeler company had to give the bike world a carefully crafted product this time. The company claims that the Pantero is the complete rectification of all its mistakes in Stallio. The Indian bike segment is notorious for its unpredictability. Some bigshots get the boot, while some get worshipped. Let us wait and see if the Pantero is indeed the resurrection of Mahindra Two Wheelers

Looks:  The Pantero looks like a rebirth of the Stallio. Although Mahindra claims that there is absolutely no resemblance between the two. From afar, they do look like one and the same thing. But this feeling of similarity does ebb away after closer scrutiny. The Pantero does no exude any sort of beauty beyond that of an ordinary commuter bike. This seems justified because the entry level commuter segment is not demanding in terms of looks. A daily use bike with sufficient mileage, we ask for. The bikini fairings have halogen headlamps and has clear lens indicators on either side. The headlights are V shaped. The Pantero has a new instrument cluster. But this looks quite similar to Mahindra Two wheeler’s scooter Rodeo’s instrument cluster. It is s digital cluster. The cheaper models will have a different cluster. The Pantero’s design has a smooth flow and poses very little friction. The fuel tank is small just like the Stallio. The seat is longer in the Pantero. Infact, it has the longest seat in this segment: 774 mm. The long and broad seat will be comfortable for riders on long trips. The side fairing is rather slim. This is true in the case of all commuter bikes. Behind it, LED tail lamps are there. The tail lamps are small and compact which really uplifts the bike’s looks.

Engine The 106.7 cc engine delivers a power of 8.4 bhp at 7500 rpm. The torque at 5500 rpm is .87 kgM. The gear box is four speed. The Pantero has to be lauded for its silky smooth gear box. But at certain times, we’d miss a fifth gear in the bike.

Testride After getting onto the bike and before switching it on, a sweet realization came upon. The Pantero offers one of the best seating position and foot peg position in this whole class. This proves that the Pantero is indeed adequate for long trips. It starts a bit slowly. At low gear, the Pantero performs a tad poorer than other bikes. Pantero takes 8.85 seconds to reach 60 kph. When the bike crosses 3000 rpm into high gears, the Pantero gives an exhilarating performance. It gets ahead of all the other bikes in the segment. But it really leaves back the want for a fifth gear. The gear ratios are higher. This eliminates the need to lower the gear all the time. The wheel base is 1265 mm. This enables better stability during cornering. The bike has a ground clearance which is quite suitable for Indian conditions.

The bike is equally suited for both rural and urban roads. Handling the bike is very hassle free. Pantero is apt for city traffic as well. The Pantero is indeed a challenge to other bikes with its good road presence. But the instability which arises at higher speeds seems to be a glitch. It has a telescopic suspension in the front and a hydraulic five step adjustable suspension in the rear. Mahindra Pantero is available in four colours.

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