Published On: Wed, May 31st, 2017

Most Sexiest 5 Bicycles!

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Get acquainted with the most beautiful 5 bicycles of the world………

Engeenius Cykno

Made in Italy


This Italian beauty features a monocoque frame, front forks and 26-inch radial-spoke wheels made of carbon fibre composite, which, despite an array of electric-drive hardware, keeps weight to a not-unwieldy 57lbs. The Cykno’s leather-wrapped centre section contains a 250- or 500-watt electric motor, a lithium-polymer battery pack and an on-board charger with cable. Full charge from a standard household outlet takes four hours, and the Cykno will cruise in pedal-assist mode for a generous 37 miles. Price: $22,000


World Bicycle Relief Buffalo

Made in African nations like Angola/Kenya/South Africa/Zambia/Zimbabwe by US-based charity World Bicycle Relief   p02552tf


The brainchild of the US-based charity World Bicycle Relief, the Buffalo is assembled by trained local workers at facilities in several African nations. From there, the bikes are donated to non-governmental organisations or sold to consumers across the continent. Its prim look, intended to recall classic British touring bikes, belies genuine brawn. Like its bovine namesake, the Buffalo bike is built for the rigors of African use – heavy loads, rough terrain and infrequent maintenance.

Price: $ 150


Cherubim HummingBird

Made in Japan




Supplier to the Japanese national cycling team at the 1968 Olympics in Mexico City, Cherubim has pride and provenance to spare. Its legacy of steel-frame sculpture is now carried forward by Shinichi Konno, son of company founder Hitoshi Konno. With a taste for retro-tinged velodrome machines that take daring detours – the HummingBird build above forgoes a traditional seat tube and arches its back precariously over the rear wheel – it is safe to assume Shinichi-san is not eyeing Olympic glory. He must content himself knowing that he builds what are widely regarded as the most beautiful bikes in the world.

Price: Not available




GreenChamp Original

Made in Singapore



Youth, said George Bernard Shaw, is wasted on the young. So is this simply beautiful bamboo balance bike, made by Kickstarter-funded GreenChamp. For the uninitiated, a balance bike is a pedal-less two-wheeler intended to teach riding skills more effectively than that traditional staple of childhood, the tricycle. Beyond such worthy considerations as sustainability and carbon footprint, the GreenChamp Original is a triumph of design. Bamboo fibres are infused with honey (yes, honey) to prevent cracking, and the tubes feature dual-wall construction for maximal rigidity

Price: $ 195


Vanmoof S Series

Made in Netherlands


Amsterdam’s Vanmoof has been colonising the gallery districts of major world capitals since 2009, winning aesthetes over with its bikes’ Tinker Toy-like forms, tough materials and emphatically Dutch brand of sprezzatura. The S Series commuter bike builds on the no-frills original cycle without cluttering up the works. An eight-speed Shimano internal hub helps a rider handle hills, while disc brakes provide the stopping power of far more sophisticated – and far pricier – road bikes.

Price: $1,048 (S3 model, 28in wheel)

Courtesty: BBC



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