Published On: Sat, May 18th, 2013

Comparison- Mahindra Pantero and Bajaj Discover 100 T

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Entry-level commuter bikes share the lion’s share of market not just in India, but all around the world. That’s no secret. India is probably the largest market for this segment despite considering the overwhelming number of mopeds and gearless scooters in a few south Asian countries. Although the premium segments are coming knocking on the doors of the entry-level market, it’ll be a while before they can prove to be real threats. Value for money beats everything else in India- has been that way, will be that way for a very long time.
The bikes in question are the latest entrants. The Bajaj Discover 100T and Mahindra Pantero. While Bajaj is a company that knows everything there is to know about the 2-wheeler industry in India, Mahindra is relatively new to the game and is yet to get into the mix. The competition is going to be still. We’d have to wait and watch how the game plays out.



Mahindra completely denies any similarity between their own Stallio and Pantero. Well, that’s not true. They do look like brothers in a lot of ways- not like we’re complaining. The finish is decent. Considering the price bracket under which this bike is offered, there is no question of this being worthy for beauty pageantry. The halogen lamp fits neatly into the bikini fairing. It features a rather small petrol tank just like the Stallio which does wonders to the length of the seat. The Pantero has the longest seat in its segment. The instrument cluster seems to have been borrowed from their scooter, the Rodeo. It’s a digital cluster. The low-priced variants may have a different cluster. The LED tail lamps are small and neat.

Discover 100TT

he Discover series of Bajaj came out almost immediately after the success of Pulsar. From 100 to 150cc, the Discover series has something for everybody. The latest from this series is the 100T. Maybe it’s because this sub brand has been around for about 9 years, the Discover is probably the most complete bike in its segment. The most refreshing welcome revolution in Discover’s design came when the 125 variant came out with mono-shock suspension. The 100T is based on the same design. They replaced the mono shocks with gas suspensions. That’s the most noteworthy change to point out. You can spot a bit of Pulsar NS-ness going on as well. This amalgam is most visible in the headlamp design. Parts of its side fairings too look like they are heavily influenced on Pulsar and Discover. It features a rather attractive and unique wheel spokes. You’d be hard pressed to define it between 5 spokes and 10 spokes. The fuel tank defies all laws of design. It follows a completely new look.



The Pantero houses the Stallio’s familiar, but extensively reworked and improved, four-stroke, 106.7cc, single-cylinder, air-cooled engine, now generating a healthier 8.4bhp at 7500rpm, with peak torque close to earlier, at 0.87kgm at 5500rpm. The new powerplant retains common bore and stroke dimensions with the Stallio, now rechristened as the MCI-5 engine, short for Micro Chip Ignited, 5-curves.

Discover 100T


The new Discover 100T has a slightly bigger 102cc engine that churns 9.2Nm of torque and 10.1bhp compared to the old 100. More importantly, the engine is now the same 4-valve design as seen in the bigger Discover 125cc. The fuel efficiency is claimed to be at around 84kmpl. We’d have to see how that translates to real life. It features a 5 speed gear box and a maintenance free battery.
Test Ride
The Pantero is probably the best in class city commuter for the way it’s designed for the rider. The foot peg positioning is remarkable. The longer seat is an absolute boon for city rides. The bike performs rather modestly on lower gears, but it unleashes itself as you go higher. Go above 3000 rpm on 3rd or 4th gear and you’ll see what this bike can do. Since the gear ratios are cleverly tuned, you won’t need to shift down every minute in heavy traffic. Mahindra has identified some of Stallio’s shortcomings and given the Pantero a definite improvement. However, you can’t shake away the feeling of wanting a 5th gear on this bike- you get a feeling it could do so much more. With an impressive 1265mm wheelbase, the Pantero outperforms most rivals around corners easily. The Pantero is now available in four colors. The telescopic suspensions in front and 5-way adjustable rear springs do wonders on our roads. Pantero looks like the most promising offering from Mahindra two-wheelers till date.

Discover 100T
It’s commonplace for most 100-110cc players to rely heavily on strengthening mileage. However, the part where Bajaj does wonders is in making a complete all rounder. The 100T performs as good as it looks. The lightweight frame makes this bike very easy to handle. The ride position and foot peg have been repositioned for longer rides. The gearshift is absolutely seamless and precise. The 100T is similar to Pantero such that it lacks the energy you’d want at lower gears. However, it performs extremely well as you go up. There is no doubt about the fact that Bajaj has invested quite some time and effort into coming up with a completely revolutionized bike.

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