Published On: Thu, Mar 14th, 2013


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When we hear the words ‘Merc’ or ‘Benz’, our hearts automatically flutter. The little people of our little state envy the ‘big shots’ with a Benz. Even the Mercedes logo, the three-pointed star, is imprinted in the upper shelves of our hearts. But we probably only know of the sedans and the SUVs. There is another side to the Mercs: the rough and grungy ones. In other words, the heavy duty vehicles. The mother company of Mercedes Benz, Daimler is better known as BharatBenz in India. BharatBenz produces trucks which have 6 to 49 tonnes of load capacity. Currently, there are 17 truck models available in India. Amongst these, SmartDrive test-drives two of the heavy duty trucks.



Heavy duty trucks are best known for their high payload capacities and their high mileages. This model is available in 2523 and 3123 variants. Both of them have 25 tonnes and 31 tonnes load capacities respectively. The engine used these vehicles is sixcylindered with an output of 230 bhp. BharatBenz’ trucks have a unique and majestic facade to themselves. The interior is of course not at all different from the cars; it boasts full luxury. The driver’s job is made easy due to the tilt and telescopic steering wheel and the digital instrumental cluster. The driver’s seat can be adjusted, too. There are even sleepers which provide cosy naps. The excellent ventilation makes the travel even easier. The engine pickup is absolutely wonderful due to the 810 Newton meter torque that the engine delivers at 1200-1600. There are even in-line injection pumps in the engine. This helps in electronically controlling the fuel combustion which can increase the mileage. The 6+1 synchromesh gearbox even has an overdrive option. This helps the truck to climb upward slopes with ease. The inter-wheel differential lock saves the wheels from skidding. The rust-free chassis is made of reinforced steel. To increase the comfort, the front has a parabolic leaf suspension and the rear has semi-elliptic balancer suspension. The transmission oil needs to be changed only after the vehicle has run 1,00,000 kilometers. The maximum geared speed attainable is 90 kmph and the vehicle can turn at a diameter of 18-21 meters. The gargantuan truck is 9.867 mm long, 2,490 mm broad and 2,460 tall. It is a purefuel-saver with the high mileage it gives. All this makes BharatBenz’ heavy duty truck a strong competitor in the sector. This new range of trucks is derived from platforms like the Mercedes-Benz Axor & Mitsubishi Fuso Canter.


Bharat-Benz-2  Bharat-Benz-1


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